Kashmiri old songs

Kashmiri old songs

This List contains Some of the Sweet, popular, famous old Kashmiri Songs. Kashmiri Songs also changed a lot Like Hindi music. Many new musical instruments were added and a new system changed the old tradition. New singers, remix songs and dj's made them popular among youth. Here is a List of some popular old kashmiri Songs

Tule Naar from habba khatoon
[Size: 5.54 MB]

Gah Chon Pewan From Habba Khatoon Movie
[Size: 4.55 MB]

Chure Cholhum By Kailash Mehra Sadhu
[Size: 2.95 MB]

MALIE NEV HO From Habba Khatoon Movie
[Size: 5.17 MB]

Poshen Be Maal Karyo by kailash mehra
[Size: 3.28 MB]

Gachun Gaam Che Kael by vijay malla
[Size: 8.54 MB]

BEDARD DADE CHANE by Kailash Mehra
[Size: 5.04 MB]

Tule Naar Chum From Habba Khatoon Movie
[Size: 5.50 MB]

Karse Muen Naye Kailash Mehra Sadhu
[Size: 5.20 MB]

Dost Vanay Kos by Kailash Mehra Sadhu
[Size: 5.82 MB]

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