Top 10 Kashmiri jokes

 Top 10 Kashmiri jokes 

This list contains the top 10 Kashmiri jokes from youtube channel war4u. the videos are so funny that you will watch them again and again and share them with all you friends. 

Kashmiri jokes List

1. Akbar lone funny election campaign
This video is the funny election campaign of akbar lone. this man in the video is so funny. it is the most liked and most commented video from my youtube channel. the women is also amazing . checkout the video and see yourself how kashmiri people change during elections 

2.Animated funny joke: Modern beggers
This is an animated video which shows that people nowadays don't carry cash with them but only cards so the beggers have also found the solution to this.

3. Alag Alag

4.What is a kangri

5. Rich kashmiri Beggers

6. Yi cha Naukri kin cha baigaari

7. Funny A for 

8. Chicken Attacking A boy

9. Misbah ul haq speaking in kashmiri about his pakistan team

10. Kashmiri deaf man

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